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Croatia Sieger Zagreb 2007. 29. and 30.09.2007.

Judge all males Rainer Mast and all females J.Willy Gruber

Class 3-6 months females

Cuba Weisse Agram VV4

Class 3-6 months males

Coxy Weisse Agram VV3

Capo Weisse Agram VV7

Class 9-12 months females

Deny Weisse Agram VV3

Luce Semper Wictor VV8

Class 12-18 months females

Chelsea Semper Wictor SG2

Class 18-24 months males

Agassy Weisse Agram SG5

Asslan Weisse Agram SG7

Bax Weisse Agram SG9

The Best progeny group

1. place: Karas Crveni Mayestoso progeny

2. place: Figo Orangerie progeny

3. place: Yenno Huhnegrab

The best kennel and breeding group

1. place: Van Contra

2. place: von Funkenspiel

3. place: Crveni Mayestoso

4. place: Weisse Agram

5. place: Gim

6. place: Haus Bura

Deny Weisse Agram

Deny Weisse Agram VV3


Gittano in USA

I am non smoker. I like to compete and win, real sport personality, always ready for adventures. I like to meet new people, their good looking GSD female dogs and I like to explore different cultures.
Looking for soul mate for intimate relationship. Younger than 24 months excluded. Favoring dark eyes:)

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