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25.10.2015. OG Arminius - Koprivnica (HR)

Judge: Mr. Damir Jovanovic, Mr. Zlatko Ravlic and Mr. Zdravko Klicek


Elmo obtain V1 - Elmo Weisse Agram on throne!!!

Elmo son become Club Sieger - Jingis Weisse Agram again on throne!!!

New star VV1 Cristall Croland Elmo daughter - first show first win

V1 Elmo Weisse Agram (F: Ritmo Arlett - M: Karola zum Gigelsfelsen)
Handling: Mr. Djuro Ivaskovic/ Owner&Breeder: Mr. Amir Isajbegovic/ Halter: Mr. Martin Vuger


Club Sieger V1 Elmo Weisse Agram

12-18 months Class males: judge Mr Zlatko Ravlic
SG1 Jingis Weisse Agram (F: Elmo Weisse Agram - M: Deny Weisse Agram)
Handling: Mr. Martin Vuger


Club Sieger SG1 Jingis Weisse Agram with my son



Thanks to all in team and to all other for help


Gebrauchshundklasse Rüden 
V1 *Elmo Weisse Agram 06.09.2008,IPO2, Kkl1, HD&ED normal (Ritmo von Arlett - Karola zum Gigelsfelsen) - Züchter und Besitzer Mr. Amir Isajbegovic - Halter Mr. Martin Vuger

Jugendklasse Rüden 
SG1 Jingis Weisse Agram (Elmo Weisse Agram - Deny Weisse Agram) 

Jugendklasse Hündinnen
SG4 Delta Croland (Falco von Burg Trsat - Chicita Dogshof) 

NWK 3-6 Hündinnen
VV1 Cristall Croland (Elmo Weisse Agram – Jurie von Erstenplatz)



Club winner 3-6 months Elmo daughter - Cristall Croland


SG 1 Jingis Weisse Agram


Junior handling - my son Mak with VV1 Cristall Croland

Mak Mak

Junior handling - my son Mak 7 years old


Junior handling winners: Mak Isajbegovic, Magdalena Vuger and Ana Slijepcevic

Dogs handlers:

Martin Vuger, Djuro Ivaskovic, Nikola Vuger, Davor Vuger


Elmo puppies

We accept reservations for Elmo puppies.

Secure your place on the list until the litter is born,



We breed for future!

Elmo&Tina puppies video


08.06.2014. Zagreb



Gittano in USA


I am non smoker. I like to compete and win, real sport personality, always ready for adventures. I like to meet new people, their good looking GSD female dogs and I like to explore different cultures.
Looking for soul mate for intimate relationship. Younger than 24 months excluded. Favoring dark eyes:)

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