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14.05.2015. OG Munchen (D)

Judge: Mr Leonhard Schweikert

Class 18-24 months

SG 1 Pino od Kovacica 

Pino - extra class Elmo son



Pino standing in ring


Elmo puppies

We accept reservations for Elmo puppies.

Secure your place on the list until the litter is born,



We breed for future!

Elmo&Tina puppies video


08.06.2014. Zagreb



Gittano in USA


I am non smoker. I like to compete and win, real sport personality, always ready for adventures. I like to meet new people, their good looking GSD female dogs and I like to explore different cultures.
Looking for soul mate for intimate relationship. Younger than 24 months excluded. Favoring dark eyes:)

P.S. Watch my rainy video