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LG Zagreb HR Memorial Ridanec 2014.


Judge: Mr. Lothar Quoll

That day was not Elmo day. Sports injuries of ligaments complicate the running.

Called V5 finished V8 - he replaced the position with VA Labo vom Schollweiher brother Largo (called 8th/finished 5th)

V1  Tyson Fixfrutta - No79 
V2  Zoro Splitberg - No76
V3  Carlos von Ursus - No81
V4  Falco von Burg Trsat - No75
V5  Largo vom Schollweiher - No83
V6  Casimir von den Klosterspatzen - No73
V7  Halk Grecs - No77
V8  Elmo Weisse Agram - No78
V9  Esko Vom Mata Haus - No72
V10 Immo Majoruv Haj - No89
V11 Olkan von der Salztal Hohe - No88
EZ  Fulz di Zenevredo - No74
EZ  Saabat von Aurelius - No80
EZ  Homar di Casa Venier - No82
EZ  Obelix vom Haus Milesevac - No84
EZ  Zadak vom Fiemereck - No85
EZ  Quantum vom Funkenspiel - No86
EZ  Chicco Dogshof - No87


Pia od Kovacica and Pino od Kovacica VV1 in class 6-9 months

Pino od Kovacica 3XVV1


Elmo puppies

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LG Zagreb 2014. video


17.05.2014. Zagreb

Working Class Males

Class 6-9 months females

VV1 Pino od Kovacica

Class 6-9 months males



Gittano in USA


I am non smoker. I like to compete and win, real sport personality, always ready for adventures. I like to meet new people, their good looking GSD female dogs and I like to explore different cultures.
Looking for soul mate for intimate relationship. Younger than 24 months excluded. Favoring dark eyes:)

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