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OG Viskovo HR 2014.


Judge: Dr. Wolfgang Lauber

Dr Lauber, Mr. Kovacic, Mr. Noll, Mr. Potocnik with Elmo Weisse Agram and Falco Vom Burg Trsat on throne

V1 Falco Von Burg Trsat - No76 
V2 Elmo Weisse Agram - No71
V3 Clint Di Casa Pozzoli - No70
V4 Demir Von Der Furstenperle - No77
V5 Esko Vom Mata Haus - No72


Elmo Weisse Agram and his son Pino Od Kovacica


Elmo with Vlado


Pia Od Kovacica - class 6-9 months VV2


Pino Od Kovacica - class 6-9 months VV1


Pina Od Kovacica - class 6-9 months VV4


Pat Od Kovacica - class 6-9 months VV5 with Amir


Gittano in USA

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